Brush Lettering With Purpose Workbook & Masterclass Bundle

Introducing the Brush Lettering Workbook & Master Class: Unleash Your Creativity and Perfect Your Lettering Skills!

Introducing the Brush Lettering Master Class: Unleash Your Creativity and Perfect Your Lettering Skills with me, Kimberly as we work, page by page thru my

BRAND NEW 118 page brush lettering for beginners workbook with full color artwork & guides! 

I you’re ready to take your brush lettering skills to the next level, I invite you to be one of the first 25 to join our exclusive one-month master class and embark on an exciting journey of creativity and self-expression.

This master class, led by brush lettering artist, Kimberly Sminkey, is designed to provide you with personalized guidance and support as we explore each page of my brand new book together!


So,  Why join the Masterclass if I can just purchase the book?

By enrolling in this master class, you will receive the 118 page workbook. A FREE brush pen marker and other gifts from me, you also gain access to our private group, where you'll connect with fellow lettering enthusiasts who share your passion for beautiful script. Engage in interactive discussions, receive personalized feedback, and learn from the collective wisdom of a supportive community. Oh and there are BONUSES too! 

How do I know if this is for me?

❤️‍🔥 Are you tired of feeling frustrated with your brush lettering progress, despite owning multiple books on the subject? Join our exclusive one-month master class and finally unlock the secrets to creating stunning lettering designs.

Whether you're a creative looking to expand your skill set or a busy woman yearning to add a personal touch to your home and gifts, this master class is designed with you in mind.

❤️‍🔥 Escape the chaos of life and find solace in the mindful and artistic world of brush lettering. With my guidance & accompanying workbook, this transformative course offers not only technical expertise but also a nurturing environment where encouragement flourishes.

Don't let previous setbacks discourage you – our master class will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and personalized support needed to achieve your lettering goals. 


But that’s not all !

❤️‍🔥As a participant in the class, you’ll receive a signed copy of Brush Letter with a Purpose, our brand new book, a comprehensive guide that will serve as your companion throughout the course.  Dive deep into the intricacies of brush lettering, uncovering techniques, tips and tricks that will help you refine your hand.

❤️‍🔥To ensure you have the right tools to unleash your creativity, we're including a specially curated brush pen in your enrollment package. This high-quality instrument will become your trusted companion as you bring your lettering designs to life.

❤️‍🔥You will also receive 5 sheets of tracing paper to practice on the writing practice guides without marking up your book!  

❤️‍🔥An original watercolor bookmark with your name brush lettered on it from my hands to you!

You will also receive BONUS CONTENT!  You will see this book is more than just brushlettering- it’s also about adding color into your world to express your thoughts, hopes and dreams!  So, we will also get a little artsy and create a finished project!

And as an added bonus, you'll also have the chance to win a gift pack,  filled to the brim with some of my absolute favorite art supplies. From vibrant watercolors to premium paper, this hand-picked selection will elevate your artistic journey.

Enroll today for the one-time fee of just $47, and immerse yourself in the world of brush lettering excellence. Discover the joy of creating stunning letterforms, unlock your unique style, and join a community of like-minded artists dedicated to growth and inspiration.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from a renowned expert, receive a copy of Lolly Doodle Studio’s new bush lettering book, acquire essential tools, and stand a chance to win an extraordinary gift pack. Reserve your spot in the Brush Lettering Master Class now and embark on a transformative lettering journey that will leave you with a lifetime of creative fulfillment.

❤️‍🔥 Enroll today for a ONE TIME FEE of  just $47 and embark on a journey of creative fulfillment, mastering the art of brush lettering while finding solace and inspiration amidst life's demands.

Limited to only 25 spots available, so reserve your place now!

** Cut off Date to JOIN is July 31, 2023 so that we can get everyone’s bundle put together and shipped in time!

The Masterclass will start on Tuesday September 5th inside of our Private Facebook group!