I'm Kimberly.

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An artist, modern callligrapher, art teacher & widowed mom.
Let's find what lights our souls on fire with passion!  
I'm also an avid supporter of those who need a little hand out of the ashes so to speak, who feel like they have started to lose their spark. 
 I'll straighten your crown without letting everyone know it was crooked! 
I strive to convey emotion as I pour my heart and soul into my paintings.  My fine art pieces are often of women who are working their way out of 'the fires", who are battling "waves" of depression, grief or anxiety.  I teach art & hand lettering to share the joy and peace I have found through the act of creating.  
I hope to be an ember of light for all who grieve so that they may never feel alone in their journey.
The emotional journey of abandonment, isolation, & darkness that I endured following the loss of my husband is something no one should ever have to face alone.
If you are yearning to reignite your spark... this is your safe place.
I found peace while painting and hand lettering during that time. I had no clue that the act of creating was like meditating. Without knowing, I was simply allowing myself the time to be present in the moment… focusing on something other than my pain. I want to share that with you.
Welcome to my little piece of of happy!
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