The Journey Begins Back at Home!

Home. The place where you return after a long day... where you hang your proverbial hat.

I have returned home. Where it all started so many years ago... and where it inevitably stops and begins yet again! It's been a long journey to get back to where I started...{insert small smile} it has often been a joyous journey but has been full of sorrow as well! But, I will get into that at some point later.

I welcome you.
So due to circumstances beyond my control... I'm back where I began with my own children in tow to raise in this 1850's Mill Home! 
And there is sooo much to do! 
So I invite you to join me!  
We have cabinets & furniture to paint... floors to redo... walls to pretty up...lots of little projects to glam up the old joint & keep us busy.  Walk this journey with me... it begins now! So welcome...