Holiday Decorating with a Pizza Pan!

We love to find inexpensive ways to add to our Christmas and Holiday decor here at the Lolly Doodle House!  

While browsing the isles of our nearest Dollar Tree, feeling quite uninspired mind you... I came across some large pizza pans.  One look and I immediately began to think of lots of ways to dress that little shiny round up! 

Two of my many ideas were to paint a gingerbread face and another was a cute little rendition of everyone's favorite Christmas deer...well his female friend anyway! 

Below are the Face patterns for both of these live tutorials from the Lolly Doodle Painting Studios with Kimberly Facebook page.  

Please print out the following PDF's for your personal use and painting enjoyment and get started decking your halls for the Holidays! 




 I'm hoping you can save the image to your computer and print it off!