Giving Hope

The season of giving thanks and celebrating the Christmas spirit is upon us!

So many of you have reached out not only when my husband went home but also with our most recent loss of him mom... my children and I greatly appreciate the kind words and actions of so many.  

My only Hope is that I can somehow repay all of you in some small way!  When I think of hope and a giving spirit I always think of the angels... I like to think our loved ones who've passed on revisit us as Angels...


The angel above was the first angel I painted after the passing of my husband to cancer.  The days were dark...and believe it or not... this painting changed my whole mental being. 

It started out very dark... all dark greys and black... and over time, she changed.  I slowly started adding layer upon layer of color... glorious color.  Did painting save me?  Yes, I think that it did! 

This painting came next.  She also started completely different that when she began.  I like to think I let the inspiration flow from the brush or pallet knife and allow the angels to simply guide my I know, sounds crazy huh?  I like to think that when you enter or exit this world... you are held by the angels...

I believe we all experience the dark blue periods in our life... but never forget that there is light there... through sadness can come great joy. 

Evolving... more light, more joy, more hope!  Always layers upon layers of texture and color. 

I hope that in some small way my portrayal of the angels touches and blesses each and every one of you.  In a good way.  Even thought they may touch on a time in your life that was devastating and dark... I pray the light can be found... joy, hope and peace. 


A few of these angels can be found still available in my store.  

I am in the process of having cards, prints, and other items made from them to bring more hope to their world. 

And, I am always open to working with you to create a one of a kind Angel for you!  So do not be aftaid to contact me to discuss painting something very special for you or a loved one! 

Many blessings to you all!