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I'm opening the doors to the studio & inviting YOU to come paint, letter and create with me in our NEW online painting studio...

"Create with Lolly Doodle Elite Studios"

You will discover how easy and fun painting and creating can be as a premium member of the all new, create with Lolly Doodle’s elite studio community!

You will love painting and lettering as part of this exclusive group of creative women who share your passion for making art!

You will learn to paint & letter like a pro. Everything you need to get started can be found within this exclusive group including all of the proven tips & tricks I’ve collected over my 30+ years of painting and creating. You will see amazing results and impress yourself and all of your friends!

You Will Not Find All of This for Less!



This community is for YOU

The beginner who’s never even picked up a paintbrush before or thinks they can’t draw a straight line!

The established artist looking to discover new secrets and proven techniques to further enhance your projects.

The occasional painter or Creative simply looking for inspiration or camaraderie.

You can and will learn to paint in a relaxed, soothing and accepting community!  If you are searching for solace, join us. I understand just how life changing art can be as a tool to fight depression and anxiety! 

Create with Lolly Doodle Elite Studio is your one stop destination for creative inspiration, encouragement and knowledge month after month in the comfort of a private members only Facebook page

Look at Everything You Get!

🎨 you will gain elite access to three new video painting tutorials every month - before they are released to the public- this alone is a huge bargain because you are receiving 3 unreleased video tutorials for the price of just 2. You’re getting a full video tutorial for free! but you will get so much more!

🎨 You will gain access to printable templates that you can size up or down for your painting projects PLUS complete supply lists for each project with exact paint color names 

🎨 every month you will receive bonus instruction and videos to teach you the basics of painting & hand and brush lettering

🎨 as in active premium member you will have unrestricted access to every tutorial ever published from an ever-growing library of instruction

🎨 you will have access to me every week of every month. You will be able to ask questions directly to me during live Q&A chat sessions. You are also encouraged to post questions within the Facebook group when ever necessary as well as posting photos and updates of your successes. Your opinions and suggestions are valued here! Interact as much or as little as you wish, you are under no obligation to interact within the studio community group on Facebook. You can take the painting tips and instruction that you need as you need it!

🎨 You will have the opportunity to explore painting with brushes and acrylic, as well as bonus optional activities in watercolor, inks, palette knife, mixed media, hand lettering with chalk & Brush markers as well as paint pouring & pulling activities

🎨 you will have the opportunity to participate in challenges and contests to inspire...enjoying carefully selected prizes!

🎨 From time to time we will welcome guest instructors & experts in other fields of creating to explore bonus topics such as Home decoration, Interior design, Floral Design, Wreath Design and so much more!




You are guaranteed to find the technical information you’ve been searching for within our elite group, but my hope is that will also experience the healing benefits of creating as I have! 

Join us Now for Instant Access to “The Video Guide to Faux Calligraphy” and various video tips to get you started on your painting journey!  


JUST $37 a month

         The Doors OPEN Nov. 1st!            

After joining, please request entry into our Closed Facebook Group -

Create with Lolly Doodle Elite Studio


There is no risk!

You may cancel your membership at any time... although I’m pretty sure you will not want to!

Our November Members will be painting these projects PLUS more!!! 

 Create with Lolly Doodle - Elite painting Community

 If any of this sounds like you... I guarantee you will love being a part of our new online Create with Lolly Doodle Studios monthly community!