I am Kimberly.

I am the face behind this little decorative painting buisiness called Lolly Doodle Studios!

I am what I call a creative soul.  I can't remember a time that I wasn't driving my mother nuts, God Bless her soul, with paint, clay, glue,& glitter.  Oh how she hated the paint and glitter!  But I loved it...still do.  Happiness comes from a paintbrush and some shiny fine glitter doesn't it?  

An art major in high school, a few classes here and there... that's my training.  A gift from above I suppose; at least that's what people tell me!

For many years I took a path in life that led me to the medical field.  A caregiver.  It was fulfilling. It was a noble career path for me I suppose.  After all, art wasn't a real job...at least that's what I was told.

Marrried my soul mate and had our first child, Alexis... my Lolly.  Lolly was born with a rare syndrome and multiple special needs.  She is my lighthouse... my beacon...my earth angel.  She was "Lolly"...at least until she learned to say Lexi or Alexis.  We went on to have a son a few years later, he was our "Doodle" so I was mom...wife...homemaker.  

My creative side was my life saver through the years.  Painting was my hobby.  At night to deal with the stress of doctor appointments, hospital stays, and the daily  rigors of being a wife and momma to an energetic little boy and a child who was medically fragile...and depression (we can talk about that later).  

I had big dreams... God had planted a seed...I just kept putting those dreams off to tomorrow... I needed a real job.  A grown up job to help pay the bills, ya know?  There's time for dreams later.  

When we have more money in the bank.

When Lolly was healthier...when little league games and life slowed down.  Ha!

June 17th, 2015... my soul mate was taken from me.  My JIim, as I still refer to him as; was called home to the Lord after a grueling 3 year battle against cancer.  I had lost my mother just 28 short days before my husband.  

I felt abandoned...alone & and oh so afraid.  Now what?  What about all of those plans for tomorrow we had... all gone.

But that seed that God had planted in my soul was still there.

One thing I can tell you definitively my friends is that life is incredibly short...and we only get one crack at it...

So I started watering that seed. 

Painting and creating was again my go to for living life again.  That paint brush gave me peace.  It gave me hope...

I purchased my mom's house; the home I grew up in.  

I watered that seed God planted a little bit more as I started making my childhood home into my own children's home by creatively finding ways to fixer up with a small budget.  Follow along with my journey here on this blog if you'd like.


On the 2nd anniversary of my husbands passing, I launched full throttle into using the talents I've been given and officially decided to follow my dreams of starting my own creative business, Lolly Doodle Studios.  We are a decorative painting company specializing in boutique style art, home decor and creative workshops.

I do my best to uplift those around me...

Life is a journey...we all have dark times...just remember the light is still there calling for you.  

I am glad you are here!